Optometrist Recommendations

My eyes are finally starting to go; happens about now in my family.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good optometrist? I want a full eye exam, ruling out any of the unusual reasons for declining eyesight. I'll be far less picky for the next "oh, I need a slightly new prescription".

Somebody in our crowd must wear glasses? :)
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Quick random update...

Here is my once every blue moon post on LiveJournal:

  • We have gaming at our house tonight starting around 4 p.m.
  • Andrew is adorable, a handful, and three this month.
  • I started the PACT 2020 organization two weeks ago.  The main site is up using Joomla, and the wiki  is up using MediaWiki.
  • I'm working to get the latest TrueGift Donations annual report out.  I just moved the site from its ancient ISP.  Now that we hit our first goal of making other people feel that communities should aid their local schools, I need to rework the site to be more than the absolute minimum.  I'm tempted by a full rewrite in Python.  Has anyone used a database reflection package for Python, ala Ruby on Rails?
  • My current toy is the GP2X.  I feel like I spend more time writing up my experiences than actually coding.  Programming, waving hands, what's the difference?
  • Editing Wikipedia articles is a great way to waste time.
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PACT 2020 Starts on Thursday...

This is the non-profit I've been starting up. It is to promote automobile technologies aimed at ending accidents in our lifetime. If you could come, I'd appreciate it.


PACT 2020 Kick-off Event

DATE/TIME: Thu, Jan 19, 7:00pm-9:00pm

LOCATION: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor and Zafman, 1279 Oakmead

COST: Free.

Join us for the first meeting of this exciting new
non-profit. Automobile
accidents can be a thing of the past.

* Introducing PACT 2020 goals, values, and agenda
* Presentation: "What makes this possible now: MEMS
sensors, CCD
Cameras, and Moore's Law."
* Discussion of the first projects and first year goals.
* Creation volunteer committees and election of board
* Meeting and mixing with other interested parties.

Website: http://www.pact2020.org
Email: contact@pact2020.org
Phone: 408-368-6050

Unfinished Adventures in Installing Linux on my Laptop.

Last Saturday, I went to SVLUG's Installfest. I spent about three hours trying to install Linux on my laptop. Instead of recording the few bits of new trivia, I thought I'd record the actual steps in the hope that others may profit from my effort. Collapse )

Conclusions:  The first conclusion is, of course, that more effort will be required before getting Linux on my laptop.   I did learn a number of aspects to the Zen of Linux.   The Zen to Linux must be accepted, or one could find one that had already accepted it.
  • "A failing is only an error in the eye of the beholder."
  • "One must know some of the answer before one can search for the question.."
  • "One can do what one does not understand."
  • "How mysterious the error depends on the mysteries one knows."
  • "One cannot jump into the middle of one's journey."

I'll try again next InstallFest or when the 32-bit Ubutnu media arrives.