gizbot (gizbot) wrote,

Looking for a Place to Excel

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for work.  I'm looking for a technical or technical sales
position in a company with exciting technology, preferably one working
near sensors, vision, or robotics.

This is a reentry into the regular workforce for me.  I left JavaSoft
in 1999 on good terms as a successful strategic systems engineer with
many patentable ideas and large sales involvements.  JavaSoft had
accomplished its original goals of popularizing and standardizing the
Java language and its employees were being folded back into the
larger entity of Sun Microsystems.   I took some time off from the
frantic pace of JavaSoft, explored angel funding and business
consulting for startups.  I founded TrueGift Donations, a charity
providing free school supplies to teachers.  I took graduate
engineering classes in image processing, robotics, and silicon
processing.  I kept up with changes in technology and programming
languages.  Also, Judith and I had two children and finally found a
nanny we trust to   stay home with both of them.   Now I can go back
to work.

The perfect position is a  company or business unit of between 20 and
200 employees, based in Silicon Valley, with a truly cool technology.
I am flexible about the level, compensation, and type of position.  I
am willing to travel extensively.  My greatest skill is creating
practical scenarios to build relationships with client.

Please let me know if you know anyone or any openings that may fit. 

Have a great, awesome, and wonderful day!

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